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What is Masterbatches

Polymer granulates with a high percentage of additives, higher than in the end use, are called Masterbatch.

In the end usage production stages such as Injection Molding, Film, Extrusion, Roto Molding, Blow Molding or Fibre production etc, these masterbatches are mixed with the raw polymer to give the entire mix, the specific required colour shade (colour masterbatches) or the targeted modification of certain properties (additive masterbatches).




1. Dependable process stability- Human errors and machine limitations are largely neglected as there is exactly defined pre-dispersed pigment quantity in each granulate.

2. Easy and Clean production- Being available in granulate form, it avoids handling large powder masses.

Characteristics of Ideal Masterbatches

1. The goal of producing ideal masterbatch is to achieve the optimum dispersive and distributive mixing of pigments, additives and fillers in the polymer matrix.

2. Consistent Formulation- ensuring no difference in concentration and shade.

3. Right choice of components based on the specific needs of the end application eg,

  1. For Pigments- Light fastness, Heat Stability, REACH registration, ROHS, FDA approval, particle size etc
  2. For Base carrier resin- MFI, polymer type, special properties etc.
  3. For Additives- eg for UV Masterbatches- type and concentration depending on the application, period of usage and area to be used at etc.


Why Prayag?


Production technology—

All our masterbatches are produced on state of the art high torque Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders. Twin Screw Extruders allow for continuous manufacturing process with greater control on various production parameters like feed rate, temp, torque etc.

Twin Screw Extruders are known for producing highest quality masterbatches with their separate elements for mixing, kneading and conveying actions, thus ensuring consistency and high dispersion efficiency. Further at PRAYAG, each machine is dedicated for production of a specific color only. We are thus able to select the machine and configure the elements, as required to achieve the highest loading and best quality for that color. Higher output, higher control, lower wastages and thus also the lower costs come as an additional benefit, being passed on to our customer.

Raw Material Selection and Quality Control

At Prayag- lots of efforts are put in to understand the technical requirements of our customers. We thus have invested in Injection Molding, Blow Molding, 3 layer Co-extrusion film pilot plant, BCF/POY/FDY yarn drawing Pilot plant etc. to sample test and approve our masterbatches internally for the intended application, before they are being offered to our clients.

Further, a no compromise policy is being followed for all the incoming raw material. All our raw materials are thus sourced only from the most reputed and proven sources. All raw materials must fall within a pre-specified narrow tolerance limit for clearance and finally to be used for production. A in-house most modern and advanced QC Lab equipped with equipments like Filter Pressure Value machines (FPV), TGA, FTIR, DSC, Spectrophotometer, UV testing machine, Rheology Testing machine etc. controls final product quality within stringent parameters.

Product Range and Global Presence

With customers located across the globe, we understand that each one is largely unique in terms of their quality requirement, end application, area of usage, production technology etc. Over the last 18 years, we have had the opportunity to discuss and understand their specific requirements and in the process have developed large range of product offering meeting the same. Many of these have become part of our standard ready stock product range now.

Through our vast network of channel partners, we strive to deliver our clients anywhere in the world with a promise of top quality, extensive range, competitive price, quick response and ready available local stock.

We will be happy to hear from you.